Manual Use, Maintained Booths For Your Convenience

powder coating booths

No folks, not a powder room for the ladies, but a powder coating booth where the men at work can get on with completing their work. The powder coating booths are also designed to give its users some privacy, more specifically, to block out outside interference and/or prevent its materials from encroaching on surrounding environments that might get damaged by the force that powder coating applications may produce.

The site that holds these powder booths, designed as batch and pass through rooms, can hold as much as fifteen room altogether. The site managers will also have maintenance guys on site. This is convenient for you. One your work is done, they’ll manage, maintain and service your powder coating booths as you see fit. On site is also a shop where you can buy your usual parts and components.

And there’s also stocks of filters, nozzles and hoses, all the usual stuff you need for your powder coating operations. And if money is an option for you these days, you can always look into buying used powder coating equipment. Should come in cheaper than the out of the box systems. No-one needs to be kept in waiting and have their production lines held up if the site’s powder coating equipment is endless and always changing, as they say.

Famous name brands should be in stock. Those of you still new to the powder coating operations should look out for names like Wagner, Parker, Nordson and Gema. Those of you long in the tooth in this business and now looking to speed up operations, thanks to your new client roll call, can look out for quick color change booths. And those of you who are going sustainable in a big way can look out for opportunities to reclaim used equipment.