Testing Procedure For Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance testing equipment, due to the nature of its work, may need to be re-calibrated every once in a while. And given the importance of the testing equipment’s work, the insulation resistance testers toronto on calibrating work should be governed by a strict coda at least. When both new and used equipment have been calibrated, or re-calibrated, a certificate of compliance is ideally issued.

The certificate will be confirming that the calibrated equipment now meets its original specifications. But not in all cases. It remains the commercial consumers right. Retail and wholesale oriented customers do not need to have a calibration sticker appended to their purchased equipment should they choose. But it could be argued that they should be thinking righteously in favor of their own customers. 

They should at least provide the courtesy of letting their customers know, providing them with clear proof, that their insulation resistance testers have retained or achieved its necessary integrity. The same goes for repair work, as and when it is required. A certificate of compliance can be issued once testing equipment has been fully repaired and, for that matter too, maintained. Given the nature of the work, all users of this equipment should know this much well.

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The certificate of compliance typically confirms the date of calibration, repair and/or maintenance. And it would be usual to issue a due date for recalibration as well. Date-wise, the exact month and year will be indicated on the sticker. Month and year when equipment was calibrated. And month and year when equipment needs to be re-calibrated.  Finally, for the full benefit of all related customers, across the board, certificates of compliance should ideally be linked to industry standards set by the likes of NIST and NRC.